Cisco ASA, “show service-policy”, and SNMP

Recently, a co-worker asked if it is possible to obtain the counters shown in the output from the command “show service-policy” on a Cisco ASA. I did not know the answer so I had to do a little bit of digging…

The list of MIBs supported by the Cisco ASA is documented here.

Based on a quick reading of that document, it seemed like CISCO-UNIFIED-FIREWALL-MIB could have provided this information, *if* it had been completely implemented. However, there is a documented caveat for CISCO-UNIFIED-FIREWALL-MIB at the above page:

“Limited support for objects under cuFwConnectionGrp and cuFwUrlFilterGrp.”

And an snmpwalk confirmed that the information is not there:

paris@bethlehem[1]:~$ snmpwalk -m CISCO-UNIFIED-FIREWALL-MIB -Os -v2c -c ****** ciscoUnifiedFirewallMIB
cufwConnGlobalNumResDeclined.0 = Counter64: 0 Connections
cufwConnGlobalNumActive.0 = Gauge32: 168 Connections
cufwConnGlobalConnSetupRate1.0 = Gauge32: 2 Connections per second
cufwConnGlobalConnSetupRate5.0 = Gauge32: 0 Connections per second
cufwConnSetupRate1.udp = Gauge32: 1 Connections Per Second
cufwConnSetupRate1.tcp = Gauge32: 0 Connections Per Second
cufwConnSetupRate5.udp = Gauge32: 0 Connections Per Second
cufwConnSetupRate5.tcp = Gauge32: 0 Connections Per Second
cufwUrlfRequestsNumProcessed.0 = Counter64: 0 Requests
cufwUrlfRequestsProcRate1.0 = Gauge32: 0 Requests per second
cufwUrlfRequestsProcRate5.0 = Gauge32: 0 Requests per second
cufwUrlfRequestsNumAllowed.0 = Counter64: 0 Requests
cufwUrlfRequestsNumDenied.0 = Counter64: 0 Requests
cufwUrlfRequestsDeniedRate1.0 = Gauge32: 0 Requests per second
cufwUrlfRequestsDeniedRate5.0 = Gauge32: 0 Requests Per Second
cufwUrlfRequestsNumCacheAllowed.0 = Counter64: 0 Requests
cufwUrlfRequestsNumCacheDenied.0 = Counter64: 0 Requests
cufwUrlfRequestsNumResDropped.0 = Counter64: 0 Requests
cufwUrlfRequestsResDropRate1.0 = Gauge32: 0 Requests Per Second
cufwUrlfRequestsResDropRate5.0 = Gauge32: 0 Requests Per Second
cufwUrlfNumServerTimeouts.0 = Counter64: 0
cufwUrlfNumServerRetries.0 = Counter64: 0

That does not mean that another MIB cannot provide the information we are looking for. However, the “sh snmp-server oidlist” command doesn’t show any promising OIDs so it seems like we are out of luck.

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