First post!

Since this is the first post in this blog I think it is appropriate to do a little introduction and write about what I am hoping this blog will be about, and what I will try to accomplish with it, so let’s start there…

First of all, I am hoping that having a personal blog will allow me to learn about blogging, which is something that I have never done before. A lot of people are <a href="http://monicalinares internetapotheke”>blogging these days, and it seems like blogging is a good way to let others know about ideas and projects you are working on.

Since I didn’t want to just go to one of the common blogging sites to create my blog, I decided to install WordPress on my own server and go through the configuration process from scratch. Fortunately, installing WordPress on Ubuntu is just a matter of running apt-get install wordpress. Configuration so far has been pretty easy so there really isn’t much to learn in this area, but I digress…

In terms of content, I honestly think that the only rule is that there are no rules in terms of content that is appropriate for this blog. I have ideas regarding what I would like to write about, but I reserve the right to write about something that is not part of my initial set of ideas.

Specifically, I would like to write about:

  • Adventures in home automation
  • Electronic projects I am working on, or would like to work on
  • Anything related to technology
  • Computers
  • Computer networks
  • Anything my curiosity takes me to…

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